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potential causes of heart diseases — September 2, 2016

potential causes of heart diseases

I’m not saying that I know what causes people’s hearts to start acting troublesome. All I know is that this knowledge that I have been taught by other people on the internet has helped me tremendously with my heart trouble….

Limiting dietary fats is what suppresses the symptoms of my heart trouble. Aside from that, its important to be aware of the omega 3 to 6 ratio, so that when you do consume fats, you don’t cause damage to your arteries.The internet told me that you need to have more or equal omega 3 fats in your blood stream than omega 6 to avoid inflammation of your arteries, and in my own trial/error experience this is true. Omega 6 fats are found in pretty much every single vegetable fat that you would eat. Think nut butters, seeds (sunflower, pumpkin, etc.) and the highly concentrated seed oils that are used to cook pretty much everything, weather corn oil or canola oil, etc. A couple of heart surgeons posted that when they saw a damaged artery whilst performing heart surgery, that it looked like someone had rubbed the inside of the artery with sand paper, and they attributed this to excess omega 6 fats. Having inflamed or damaged arteries is what causes your body to form plaque within your arteries. There was a study with some chickens, and they gave group #1 of chickens a bunch of cholesterol, and then they gave group #2 of chickens a bunch of cholesterol as well, but with group #2 they infected those chickens with a virus. Viruses cause inflammation and damage to tissues in the body. Group #1 of chickens finished the study with perfect arteries, even though their dietary cholesterol was high, but group #2, the infected and therefore inflammed chickens, had arteries that were clogged with plaque. Inflammation causes plaque to form in your arteries. Therefore, if a flood of omega 6 fats are in your blood stream damaging your arteries with inflammation, than you will deposit plaque in your arteries to heal the damage and you will get heart troubles. I aim to eat under 10 grams of all fats per day, but I always supplement daily just a smidge of flax seed, because flax seed is high in omega 3 fats, but it does not contain omega 6.

Here I want to reference Dr. Lonnie Herman found at
Bacteria, viruses, fungi (mold), parasites, etc. are all toxic and damaging. And they all cause your body to fight. This causes inflammation. And my knowledge ends right about there, but that’s all I ever needed to know, because I experienced it, and then I knew that I needed to solve this problem. It is common knowledge that even the bacteria found in infected teeth or gum disease contribute significantly to heart disease. These bacteria are toxic and they damage your body. They also cause your immune system to release mechanisms of fighting them, and that warfare can also damage your body. So if you are trying to heal your own or someone else’s heart troubles, you need to clean their environment from all toxins, weather earth-made or man-made, anything poisonous needs to leave immediately! Fresh clean air is very very important. Polluted air is a known factor of heart disease. Obviously extremely important is clean water. If you are stuck drinking tap water, you need to buy a Big Berkey water filter, as it was proven by Mike Adams to be the most effective, and you can buy fluoride filter attachments to remove fluoride, which you need to stop being exposed to immediately.

Handling the unsolved problems that bring excessive stress into your life constantly, and exercising, are important to healing anything.